Hillsong Ministry School is an extension school of the world-renowned Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. 


The first class of Hillsong Ministry School begins in the Spring of 2018 at the Bear Campus. Each 7-week session is designed to further your leadership development through studies in Bible, theology, leadership, and practical life application.  Are you interested in increasing your leadership potential and impact?  Apply today! 


Cost is $150 per class or $600 for the entire 1-year course. Students will earn a certificate of completion at the conclusion of each class.  If you have any questions, please contact us! ministryschool@loveofchristchurch.org

Course subjects and some of the elements covered in Hillsong Ministry School sessions are:


Theology: Faith Foundations

Develop a personal theology in a biblical and thoughtful way that will be a blessing to you and your church community.


Leadership: The Church & Your Leadership Journey

Learn effective leadership qualities and skills that can build your own life and the lives of others, seeing the Kingdom of God move forward.


Lifestyle: Following Jesus

How to build a strong devotional life

How to find your purpose in God

How to live a life that can fulfill your purpose

How to hear from God


Bible: Jesus, the Bible & You

How to read the Bible devotionally and for study purposes

Historical background to the Bible

How to use all the Bible study tools

How to get revelations from the Bible


  • Must be a member of Love of Christ Church
  • Must be age 18-28


  • Must serve at all services at either the Bear Campus or the Middletown Campus every other Sunday in the chosen area of specialization. 

Additionally we will be offering an Internship add-on.  This is especially beneficial for those looking to pursue either ministry and/or leadership management as a career.  For more information on how you can apply for this program, and further your training, visit our Internships page.