Last fall, we held an event called "Hot Seat Sunday" and it was so well received we're doing it again! Join us on September 10th as we put Pastor Steve on the spot to answer some of your most difficult questions.


If you have ever had questions about life, God, the Bible, relationships, current culture -- anything at all! -- here's your chance to get Pastor's take on it. Submit your questions anonymously by filling out the comment box below!  Our team will sift through the submissions and pull together a list of the most requested, interesting and uncommon questions you have asked. During each service at the Bear Campus on September 10th, Pastor Steve will get in the hot seat and try to answer some of your toughest questions, completely unscripted. 


We all have doubts, questions, and curiosities.  And chances are, if you're asking it, someone else is wondering about it too!  So don't wait to submit your questions.  Do it today!  Invite family and friends to come for a fun and engaging day filled with unexpected conversations!  You won't want to miss it! 

What question would you like to ask Pastor Steve? *