Fall Semester Runs Sept 8th - Dec 7th

People flourish when life-giving relationships are developed and maintained. That’s why CONNECT is one of key components of ministry at Love of Christ Church. Our small groups consist of 5 to 15 people who meet weekly in homes, restaurants and at the church for three semesters each year, to learn, pray, fellowship and serve together. Topics range from general Bible studies to specific subject matter – marriage, family, finance, etc. – and reflect the interests and needs within our church.

You don’t have to know everyone who attends our fellowship to feel like you belong here; you just need a few meaningful relationships. Small groups ensure you have those relationships, so you can continue on your faith journey with us. In fact, you will never fully experience all that Love of Christ Church has to offer until you CONNECT in a small group.

A Place to Connect.

God never intended you to “do life” alone. In a small group setting, you can develop relationships with people who have the same interests or similar life circumstances.


A Place to Care.

Care is a natural by-product of being in relationship with others. Small groups offer a trusting environment where you can share your burdens and celebrate life’s victories with others who will support, encourage and pray for you.

A Place to Grow.

Small groups provide an atmosphere where you can mature in your faith. As you study Scriptures, pray and share life experiences, Christ’s power is released to bring healing, restoration and spiritual growth.