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Archived SERIES

Divine Direction

Discover principles to help you make better decision in life!

Faith is...

What is faith & how do we know we are living by it?

Hot Seat Family Chat

Pastors Steve & Barbara give spontaneous answers to tough relationship questions.

Doing Time

If you feel stuck, trapped or imprisoned in some area of life, it's time to break…

Guest Speaker

Listen as guest speaker Van Ducote shares a special message from God's Word!

The Power of Blessing

Our words have power to help others prosper & propel them into their destinies!

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit can seem mysterious & be misunderstood. Who is He & what will He…

You Make Me Crazy

Discover key survival skills for dealing with the "crazy makers" in your life!


What is the purpose of miracles & how can you prepare to experience the supernatural?