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Angry People Make Me Crazy SERIES Angry People Make Me Crazy

4.15.18: Explore how to stop letting angry people make you crazy!

Gossips Make Me Crazy SERIES Gossips Make Me Crazy

4.8.18: Learn how to avoid gossip & maintain your sanity!

The Resurrection of Jesus (Easter Message) SERIES The Resurrection of Jesus (Easter Message)

4.1.18: What can we learn from Jesus' resurrection that will…

Walking on Water SERIES Walking on Water

3.25.18: Explore actions that position you to personally experience…


You Make Me Crazy

Discover key survival skills for dealing with the "crazy makers" in your life!


What is the purpose of miracles & how can you prepare to experience the supernatural?

Stand Firm / Love Well

Discover how to stand firm in your faith while balancing truth & grace in a constantly changing culture.