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The Blessing (Guest Speaker) SERIES The Blessing (Guest Speaker)

7.15.18: Learn 4 ways you can receive the blessing of God!

Our Words Have Power SERIES Our Words Have Power

7.8.18: Explore the power of your words to release blessings…

Priestly Blessing SERIES Priestly Blessing

7.1.18: Discover the power of your words to bless others & propel…

Three Gifts of Tongues SERIES Three Gifts of Tongues

6.24.18: Dispel common myths about the gifts of tongues with…


The Power of Blessing

Our words have power to help others prosper & propel them into their destinies!

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit can seem mysterious & be misunderstood. Who is He & what will He do for us?

You Make Me Crazy

Discover key survival skills for dealing with the "crazy makers" in your life!